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UV Laminating Liquid The use of attention to matters

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UV Laminating Liquid The use of attention to matters

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Our company is specialized in producing and selling studio album late equipment and supplies the Professional Company, to provide "one-stop" services for the studio post factory formal company. The main products are: the film liquid, Ji'nan AB, Ji'nan photo machine, UV light oil, crystal film, self-adhesive products such as PVC. Today we are going to share with you is about the matters needing attention in using the film liquid.

According to our production experience summed up the following considerations: the UV lamp assembly, lamination machine service life is certain, there is generally no more than 600 hours. To limit the use of time should be the timely replacement of lamp, otherwise it will affect the film liquid drying. 2 solid content, normal is 100%, adding a small amount of anhydrous alcohol allowed to use when the adding amount, but not too much, otherwise it will affect the drying speed, the adhesion of the film, brightness and transparency. In winter 3, the environment temperature is below zero, the film liquid should be heated to 10 degrees above re construction. 4, photographs should be dry and then to film, otherwise it will affect the drying and adhesion. 5, the boot three minutes until the lamp is fully started rear can film. Shake vigorously should be 6, matte film liquid before each use, to ensure that before and after the shower film dumb degree consistent. 7, the use of the process such as splash into the skin, please wash with soap water. 8, put an end to the film liquid is put in the place where the sun will shine.

The above is the today we share with all relevant information, I hope to help everyone. In addition, our company has a strong production capacity, to ensure product quality and timely delivery of products, the company has a perfect after sale service, guarantee completely solve any menace from the "rear"! Strong strong hand, will help you to enhance strength, strong financial resources.

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