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The using method and stock of crystal drop glue

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The using method and stock of crystal drop glue

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 The using method of crystal glue

1. Get ready clean sign.

2. Part A and part B of crystal glue should be accordance with ratio, pour part A into container and stir unevenly.

3. The glue after defoaming drop on the sign, if crystal glue can not flow around the edge of sign, you can use needle to stir, make the glue smear unevenly on the surface.

4. Glue dry: the gel time of finished sign is three hours in room temperature, the dry time is 36 hours in room temperature. Or put it into drying oven, it can fully dry in three hours.

5. If the client have special requirement, the gel time and soft, hard glue after curing can be obeyed by the requirement from the client to match properly.

6. The clients can control the quantity of glue, the remained glue can not allow to put over an hour.


The matter you should pay attention and stock

1. The using method and the stock should avoid irradiating from the sun and touch high temperature. Generally keep in cool place and room temperature. You'd better keep in low temperature in summer.

2. The shelf life is six months, you can continue to use them if it's fine over six months.

3.  If you meet with remained glue, don't pour them into original package to avoid making reaction and gelatin.

4. Used container such as needle and beaker, can use acetone or alcohol to clean.

5. The notice: in order to avoid reducing strength,you can not add other thinners when match the glue.


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