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Do you know what feature epoxy resin glue have?

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Do you know what feature epoxy resin glue have?

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The main property of epoxy resin glue before curing: color, viscosity, specific gravity, ratio, gel time, usable time, curing time, thixotropy, hardness, surface tension and so on.


Viscosity: it means the glue will occur inner frictional resistance during flowing, its value of number is decided by material types, temperature and concentration.


Gel time:  the curing of glue is the process from liquid to solid, the time begin glue to solid is called gel time. It decided by the mixing quantity and the temperature of epoxy resin glue.


Thixotropy:  this property is refers to the colloid from external touches (shaking, mixing, vibration, ultrasonic, etc.), along with the external force from thick to thin, when external factors stop action, colloid restore to the original consistency of the phenomenon.


Hardness : refers to material for stamping, external force such as scratch resistance. According to different test methods have Shore hardness, Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Mohs hardness, Barcol hardness, vickers hardness, etc. Hardness value is associated with hardness tester type, in the commonly used hardness tester, the structure of shaw hardness tester is simple, it’s suitable for production, inspection, shaw hardness tester can be classified as type A, C, D, A model for measuring the soft colloid, C and D type are used for measuring the semi-hard and hard colloid.


Surface tension: liquid internal appeal made on the Surface of the molecules in the inward under the action of a force, this force causes the liquid to minimize the Surface area and the formation of a parallel to the Surface force, called Surface tension. Or liquid surface per unit length between adjacent two parts within the mutual traction, it is one of the molecular force performance. The unit of Surface tension is N / ㎡. The size of the surface tension of related to the nature of the liquid, purity, and temperature.

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